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Here at Dream Girls Entertainment we have two highly experienced owners, one being a retired female exotic dancer. Our other owner is a retired Driver. Combined both owners have over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We deliver young upscale ladies that love to party! We also are very selective in what type of looks and personality it takes to be a Dream Girl. We take much pride in the girls we keep on staff and consider ourselves mentors to our female strippers.

Both owners are extremely professional and train these girls to love themselves and what they’re doing! You will not regret calling Dream Girls. What separates Dream Girls from other companies is we guarantee the girls be there for an hour and a half, no matter how busy we are! Unlike the other agencies we believe it takes more than 45 minutes to break the ice.

We believe in making our customers number one, to continue receiving satisfied and repeat customers. That also requires having girls that are actually hot. Unlike the other companies you may have called in the past, we send out tens not three’s. And actual real girls on our website not fakes like the competition